The first flight!


Hi! Welcome to Hector and Alfonse’s Blog. 

I am Estevão Ribeiro, a Brazilian cartoonist that decided to express his ideas through comic strips about two friendly birds.

They’re called Os Passarinhos (The Birdies) in Brazil.

Hector is a writer, he don’t want to be a simple bird altough life is always rough with him. Alfonse is a… bird.

So, I hope you enjoy this comic strip. They’ll be published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

See ya.

Estevão Ribeiro

8 responses to “The first flight!

  1. That is a great webcomic! 8)

  2. Marcelo Augusto Galvão

    Nice work! The original version is one of my favorites webcomics.

  3. Congratulations, my friend! The world is the limit…!

  4. Hahaha thats pretty funny

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